We offer a suite of advanced software products for businesses, to create and maintain comprehensive employee safety at the workplace. The key benefits are:

Workforce Safety

Protect employees with an automated touch-free solution to verify identity and provide access control. Detect intrusions. Manage capacity. Auto provision access rights.

Workplace Security

Prevent accidents and incidents with workplace policies and rules. Enforce it with safeguards and automations. Continuously assess, monitor, manage and mitigate risk.

Customer Safety

Protect customers from potential harm using scheduled locks/unlocks, remote locks/unlocks, lockdowns, time-based access and more.


Protect your organization with in-and-out tracking and monitoring for security compliance. Keep records of the right decisions and right interventions at the right time.

Product Features

Its complex, but not complicated! A product of meticulous research and development by a team of highly qualified engineers. Below are some of the features:


No contact, no handling, no paper-work, no friction, no pain points.


Soup to nuts workflow execution of cradle to grave business processes.


Done for you. Process automation with policies, rules and triggers.

Search & Analytics

Track, monitor, drill down, slice & dice with pin point precision.


Analysis, anomaly detection & prediction with smarts that scales.


Access to anyone. Administer from anywhere, anytime.

Access Control

Policy is not worth a plugged nickel unless enforced with controls.

Push Button Deployment

Import data automagically with built-in integrations and be up in a snap.

We love our customers!

  • It's the new silver bullet, the next best thing since the vaccine. So now, we can be sure of an infection free work environment, instead of merely wishing or hoping for one.
    Kate Beckett
    Fortune 500 Corporation
  • Mandate or no mandate, the safety of employees is paramount. Great product. Just what the doctor ordered.
    Chris Miller
    Inc 5000 Company
  • Could'nt have done without. We were up in a snap and it got us most of the way there.
    Joe Kaminski
    Healthcare Provider Organization

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