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per user/month(annual plan)

Minimum 25 users

  • •  Touch-free Workflow
  • •  Analytics Dashboard
  • •  Web & Mobile Apps
  • •  Multiple offices [Single location]
  • Process Automation
  • Integration Adapters
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per user/month(annual plan)

Minimum 50 users

  • •  All Standard features
  • •  Upto 10000 users
  • •  Process Automation
  • •  Integration Adapters [Tier I]
  • •  Installation Support
  • Multiple Locations
  • Advanced Analytics



per user/month(annual plan)

Minimum 100 users

  • •  All Premium features
  • •  Unlimited users
  • •  Single sign-on & SAML
  • •  Advanced Analytics
  • •  Integration Adapters [all]
  • •  Multi Org Setup
  • •  Priority Support


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MAUs are calculated as the total number of users who are registered with the ASGARD™ system. It is required to register all your employees [or all employees at a given location] to ensure the functional integrity of the system and a secure, reliable process implementation.

The full list of adapters are provided on the Integrations page. As indicated above, the Tier I connectors are included in the Premium license whereas all connectors are included in the Enterprise plan. In the event your plan does not provide for a connector, it can be obtained as an add-on purchase. Note that the included connectors are for one-off imports only. If continuous and real-time connection is required, it is available thru' additional server setup as an add-on service.

Our support team is not presently staffed to provide 24x7x365 support, but we have the ability to scale up quickly as required.

Data is imported thru' embedded/native Integration connectors and custom development is not required in the general case. The standard schema for the specific vendor/product is supported out-of-the-box. Additional integration work is required only when your Data schema is customized and different from the standard vendor/product schema.

The Integration connectors we provide are for one-time or one-off imports. However, continuous and real-time connection is available thru' additional server setup as an add-on service. In general, both on-premises and cloud hosted connectivity can be established.

Gladly. Each customer is hosted in AWS cloud on an isolated distributed fault-tolerant cluster of containers as a single-tenant with load-balancing, auto scaling and fail-over. Besides being dedicated, the database is configured with replication and a redundant hot standby in a different region.

We love our customers!

  • It's the new silver bullet, the next best thing since the vaccine. So now, we can be sure of an infection free work environment, instead of merely wishing or hoping for one.
    Kate Beckett
    Fortune 500 Corporation
  • Mandate or no mandate, the safety of employees is paramount. Great product. Just what the doctor ordered.
    Chris Miller
    Inc 5000 Company
  • Could'nt have done without. We were up in a snap and it got us most of the way there.
    Joe Kaminski
    Healthcare Provider Organization

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